1st Quarterly Report at National Grid Electricity Transmission

Australia aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 as part of a global effort to mitigate climate change and ensure a sustainable future. This shift requires significant investment in renewable energy infrastructure, including expanding renewable energy capacity and improving energy storage technologies to address intermittency and stability challenges.

Over the next ten years, the Queensland power system will undergo significant change as the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan is delivered, introducing 500kV to the state. All the while, a growing number of inverter-based resources in efforts to produce green power and electrify
demand will create new challenges for the industry to solve.

I believe that Queensland can benefit from learning how other transmission system operators are developing their network, performance requirements and control practices to facilitate the connection of inverter-based resources in the transition to net zero.
This report provides an overview of the first quarter of my ES Cornwall Memorial Scholarship Experience. In November 2023, I began my placement at National Grid Electricity Transmission in Warwick, United Kingdom in the Future Network Blueprints team. In my first three months of the placement, I was tasked with developing Regional Strategies for the business.

Regional Strategies are documents that provide an accessible way for staff to gain an understanding of relevant projects in their area of operation. These documents bring together network and stakeholder requirements from across the business to provide a view of the power system that allows National Grid Electricity Transmission staff to assess the network holistically. In doing so, key network limitations and dependencies can be established which feed back into the optimisation of the planning and delivery of projects.

A full version of this report can be found here.