4th quarterly report at National Grid ESO

This quarterly report is the fourth and final of four reports I have submitted during my time as an ES Cornwall Scholarship holder and covers my final three months with National Grid ESO. In these three months, I have completed my time as a Power System Engineer in the Product Operability team. In the early sections of this report, I will provide an overview of some of the key roles and functions of an electricity system operator which builds on the introduction to the Great Britain electricity network that I provided in my previously submitted third quarterly report. Following this I will provide a more specific overview of the work I have been focusing on over the last three months including:

  1. A study into the effects regional inertia has on RoCoF and frequency variance across the GB network,
  2. The future of stability markets in the UK,
  3. Presentations given and a site visit to The National HVDC Centre.

A full version of this report can be found here.