1st quarterly report at TenneT TSO

The electricity industry is undergoing multifaceted change, driven by a number of diverse but interlinked factors including changing customer behaviours, changing climate and weather conditions, an increase in high impact events and the advent of new technologies. These changes have given rise to the need for an increased level of flexibility in our networks. Power system flexibility can be defined as the ability to respond to both expected and unexpected changes in demand and supply. Flexibility can also extend beyond this definition to encompass the overall fluidity of the electricity industry including the ability to facilitate greater participation and choice in the market for customers, the ability to shift load to mitigate maximum and minimum demand issues, and the ability to adapt to change. Flexibility is required in all parts of the electricity industry, spanning from generation to transmission and distribution networks, energy storage and demand. For this reason, my scholarship study plan is based around the theme of ‘increasing network flexibility through technology innovation’.

This report provides an overview of the first quarter of my ES Cornwall Memorial Scholarship experience. During this quarter I began my first placement at TenneT TSO in Arnhem, Netherlands with the Strategy & Partnerships – Digital & Flex Development (STP-DFD) team. As part of the STP-DFD team, my work has been focused on two projects within their Digital Portfolio. Before commencing my placement at TenneT TSO I was also able to attend the CIGRE Paris Session 2022.

During the second quarter of my scholarship experience I will complete the remainder of my placement at TenneT TSO and continue working on the satellite data and EnAppSys trial projects introduced in this report as well as contributing to a third project within the STP-DFD Flexibility Portfolio relating to congestion management in Germany. I will also be making a presentation to the Network of European Transmission Trainees (NETT) providing an overview on the Australian Energy System and a comparison with the European System.  am also looking forward to continuing to participate in the CIGRE C6.45 Working Group.

A full version of this report can be found here.