4th quarterly report – April to June 2019 at Electranix

I commenced my E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship in July 2018 (previous updates can be found here). My fourth report outlines my learnings and impressions made during my time at Electranix from April to June 2019. I worked on three major dynamic performance benchmarking studies for large inverter connected generation in North America. This report includes an outline of my six-step study methodology for benchmarking PSS/E and PSCAD results which was applied to each of these studies.

During this time I gained experience modeling different power system elements including solar farms, wind farms, High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) converters, synchronous machines and voltage support elements. In addition, I was able to further develop my PSS/E, PSCAD, E-TRAN, Python and technical communication skills.

I look forward to receiving feedback on my report.