Note of Thanks from Christopher du Plessis

It is an honour and privilege to have received the E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship from the University of Queensland. This scholarship has a long history of providing international work experience opportunities to engineers in Queensland, all of whom have made significant contributions to the energy industry in Australia.

Leading up to the commencement of my time on the scholarship I contributed to national transmission planning projects, such as AEMO’s 2018 Integrated System Plan. I lead transmission studies for Queensland and the climate change risk assessment for the NEM. I then joined the California Independent System Operator’s Infrastructure Development group where I have explored opportunities for:

  • expansive transmission planning standards in long-term system planning;
  • hydro generation in the Pacific Northwest to support renewable energy development in California;
  • new technologies to reduce renewable curtailment; and
  • distributed generation to provide system recovery support after system faults.

This experience has accelerated the development of my industry perspective, my appreciation for long-term planning and my understanding of the emerging challenges associated with renewable integration. I am confident that my time as an E.S. Cornwall scholar will provide the unprecedented international experience required for me to enhance the role of the national transmission planner in Australia.

My next six month adventure will be at Electranix, in Canada, where I’ll be involved in detailed grid studies associated with increasing renewable penetrations in Europe, Australia and North America.

Thank you to Edward Satchwell Cornwall, the scholarship committee, and the University of Queensland for providing me, and other young engineers, the opportunity to excel and contribute to the Australian power industry.