1st quarterly report – July 2018 to September 2018 in California

I commenced my E. S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship in July 2018, working with the California Independent System Operation (CAISO).

My first report (accessible here) is an overview that covers the period July 2018 to September 2018.  This outlines what I am involved in, what I have learnt and my impressions.  I am putting together a detailed report which captures my learnings in full, I will send this to you at the end of the year when much of the TPP technical and economic analysis is complete and publicly available.

The underlining theme of my Scholarship proposal is to find ways which the National Electricity Market’s (NEM) national transmission planning role can be enhanced. Motivation for this came from Recommendation 5.3 of the Finkel Review:

The COAG Energy Council, in consultation with the Energy Security Board, should review ways in which the Australian Energy Market Operator’s role in national transmission planning can be enhanced.

CAISO is required by the CAISO Tariff to develop a comprehensive Transmission Plan and approve transmission solutions using the TPP. The need for transmission augmentations are identified through the Reliability Assessment, Economic Assessment and the Policy Assessment.

As part of the 2018-2019 TPP, CAISO will be conducting an informational study to identify opportunities to increase the transfer capability between California and the Pacific Northwest region. This study is not required by the Tariff but was requested by the California Energy Council and California Public Utilities Commission.

Through my first quarter, I have been involved in this process – as outlined in my first report.