Prestigious Cornwall Scholarship (for 2017) now open to Power Engineering Graduates in Queensland

Applications are now being called for one of Queensland’s most prestigious and longstanding scholarships that provides up to 18 months overseas work experience for young power engineers, the E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded every two years in memory of Edward Satchwell Cornwall who, in the first half of the 20th Century, was a highly influential member of the Queensland energy industry and a strong advocate of tertiary education and professional development for engineers working in the power industry.

Engineering graduates from all Queensland universities are now eligible to apply for the E.S. Cornwall Scholarship.  Preference is given to applicants with 3 to 5 years’ experience in the power industry.

Chair of the Scholarship Advisory Committee, Professor Simon Bartlett at UQ, is a former scholarship recipient himself and said that

“The scholarship provides young engineers with invaluable experience in the global power industry and is a life changing experience, both career-wise and personally.”

“In addition to technical ability, the Committee is looking for a young engineer who demonstrates initiative and thorough planning as well as leadership ability and who would benefit from overseas work experience.”

Head of the Power and Energy Systems group at The University of Queensland, Professor Tapan Saha, said:

“the E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship provides an outstanding opportunity for a young engineer to learn from overseas best practice in areas of key importance to the Queensland power industry.”

The scholarship recipient receives $3,500 per month (on top of their overseas engineering salary), for up to 18 months to pursue a program of work that typically consists of employment with several overseas electricity utilities, a manufacturing company or research organisation, and could cover study for a higher degree with a leading overseas university.

The first E.S. Cornwall Scholarship was awarded in 1957 and since then, it has been awarded to a total of 28 individuals, many of whom now hold (or have held) senior positions within the electricity industry.

The scholarship took its current recipients (two 9 month scholarships were awarded in 2015), Beer Opatsuwan and Stephen Sproul to the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, where they have been investigating innovative asset management practices, innovative micro-grid technologies, renewables and new grid technologies.

See what you would gain from working under the Cornwall Scholarship according to Stephen:

“ I’ve learnt more than I could have ever thought possible both professionally and personally. It’s been amazing learning best practice from overseas and bringing that back to benefit the Queensland power industry and working in a place where English isn’t spoken everywhere and improving my communication skills”

See the full video here (password = Stephen).

According to Matthew Zillmann, a past scholar now working for Energy Queensland:

“It’s been a challenging and enjoyable professional experience and at the same time, I’ve seen some really interesting parts of the world.”

Applications for the E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship close on July 31 2017.

For more information:

  1. refer the details page here
  2. download the scholarship brochure and application form from this site; or
  3. contact Gail Smith at University of Queensland ITEE Scholarship office at


About ES Cornwall

Edward Satchwell Cornwall joined the City Electricity Light Company in 1913 and by 1937 had risen to be its Manager and Chief Engineer. In 1949 he became Managing Director of the company and he continued in this position after the restructuring of the company as the Southern Electricity Authority in 1953.

Throughout his career as a senior executive of the electricity supply industry, he remained a strong advocate of university training for professional engineers, and many young graduates owed him a deep debt of gratitude for his interest and guidance in their training and subsequent professional development.

Following his death in 1954, the E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship was established by public subscription and with a contribution from the then Southern Electricity Authority.