1st report – July to October 2016 with ABB (Italy)

During the first quarter of my E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship (July to October 2016), I commenced a work placement with ABB’s Research and Development Microgrids and Distributed Generation in Genova, Italy to explore the subject of improving network utilisation, renewables hosting and affordability through new technologies.

The report discusses and reflects on the work conducted for ABB’s Microgrid and Distributed Generation Research and Development team in Genova, Italy, which focused specifically on these areas:

  1. Control systems to increase the level of renewable generation in isolated power networks
  2. Grid applications for battery energy storage systems

I welcome any feedback or questions regarding my report and the future direction of my scholarship placement. I can be contacted via my LinkedIn account or directly via email (stephen.sproul@gmail.com)

Stephen Sproul

E.S. Cornwall Scholar