6th report for the E.S. Cornwall Scholarship – third 3 months with Commonwealth Edison

Over the past quarter*, my sixth on the E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship (1st February 2016 to 6th May 2016), I have continued my placement with Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) based in the Smart Grid and Technology team. During this time I have been focused on:

  1. Research into microgrid ownership models, policies, incentive schemes, and deployment within the USA;
  2. Finalization of the distributed generation hosting capacity assessment tool that I developed over my nine months with ComEd; and
  3. Development of ComEd’s System Power Quality Strategy, that discusses ComEd’s approach to identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating power quality issues.


My sixth quarterly report provides an overview of this work and its value to the Australian electricity supply industry.

I welcome any feedback on this or any past quarterly reports covering my tenure on the E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship.

* Administrator’s Apology – this report was provided in June 2016 but has only just been uploaded now (September 2016)