4th report for the E.S. Cornwall Scholarship – first 3 months with Commonwealth Edison

During my fourth quarter on the E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship (17th August 2015 to 31st October 2015) I have started my placement with Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), the transmission and distribution network owner for northern Illinois.

While at ComEd I will be working with the Smart Grid and Technology team. My work over the past quarter has been focused on developing a modelling algorithm to quantify the ability of ComEd’s distribution network to accommodate distributed generation. This metric, termed “distributed generation hosting capacity”, has been an area of focus for many industry leading research institutions like the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). As a part of my work I have combined a number of analysis techniques spanning network modelling, Monte Carlo simulation, and “big data” analysis to develop at technique that can automatically analyse a large number of distribution feeders.

My fourth quarterly report (PDF 3.5MB) provides an overview of this work and its value to the electricity supply industry.

I welcome any feedback on this report or my future direction.