Third report for the E.S. Cornwall Scholarship – final 3 months with UK Power Networks

During my third and final quarter with UK Power Networks (1st March 2015 to 31st May 2015) I have undertaken placements with the Network Design Standards team and Future Networks team. My work within these groups have provided me with an understanding of:

  • The Transform model, Element Energy Load Growth model, and Imperial College London Load Related Expenditure model. These models provide UK Power Networks with an understanding of their long-term load growth, estimated customer load profiles, and long-term load driven investment costs.
  • UKPN’s application of the IPEC online partial discharge monitoring tool, which is used in proactively identifying and locating faults on HV switchgear and cables.
  • Undertaking large scale data analysis to assist in understanding and improving network reliability.

My work with the Element Energy Load Growth and Imperial College London Load Related Expenditure model have given me a working experience with these models, while highlighting their importance in understaning and quantifying future network challenges. In contrast my, experience with online partial discharge monitoring has highlighted some of the opportunities and challenges of partial discharge monitoring and its use in managing ageing assets.

My third quarterly report (PDF 1.6MB) provides an overview of this work and the its value to the electricity supply industry.

I welcome any feedback on this report or my future direction.