Matthew Zillmann awarded scholarship in next round

With one group of E.S.Cornwall scholars returning home, it was an opportune time to select the next round of scholars.

Congratulations to Matthew Zillmann (an Ergon Energy employee), who has been awarded one of two new scholarships.    For some of Matthew’s background, see his LinkedIn profile here.

Matthew describes his objectives under the scholarship as follows:

Recent years have seen significant increases in the price of electricity paid by consumers.

The Australian Electricity Industry has come under significant pressure to reduce costs and the minimise the flow-on impact to the end user. The most significant contributor to the cost paid by consumers is network charges; that is, the cost to transmit and distribute electricity.

During my E. S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship placements I hope to work with world leaders in asset management and innovation; with the aim of looking at methodologies and technologies that can be utilised to optimise the capital and operational expenditure on asset management.

We wish him all the best on his scholarship.

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