Final three months with ECOtality in Phoenix – my 6th and last quarterly report

Please find here my sixth and final quarterly report for the ES Cornwall Memorial Industry Scholarship for the period of 4th February 2013 – 3rd May 2013 during my employment with ECOtality North America in the United States of America.

During the final three months of my placement with ECOtality, I have continued working as a Ground Energy Storage Engineer as part of the Engineering team based in Phoenix, Arizona. ECOtality North America is a leader in clean electric transportation and storage technologies, and provides Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment and services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.  ECOtality has also designed and currently manages the world’s largest EV infrastructure demonstration – The EV Project.

The key work I have carried out during this quarter has included producing a report that discusses the state of the USA electricity demand response programs, and proposes the technical/economic opportunities and challenges that exist for ECOtality to participate in these programs, as well as a roadmap and recommendations for doing so. I have also produced a white paper, to be published by ECOtality, on the opportunities to reduce utility demand charges incurred by DC fast charging units, by utilising demand diversity, energy storage system assisted recharging, and providing demand response to the electricity grid.

Given the confidential nature of much of the work I have undertaken, I have had to omit certain details of some developments that are of commercial significance to ECOtality.

I would welcome any feedback and advice from the committee and all interested parties regarding this or any of my previous reports for the ES Cornwall Memorial Industry Scholarship.