My final report covering learning about understanding & influencing customer behaviour

Please find attached here my final report, following from my E. S. Cornwall Scholarship experiences.

During my scholarship I spent 10 months in total overseas, working with GE Energy in Atlanta, GA and then with Northern Powergrid in Leeds, UK.

My reports lists more of the lessons learnt through the scholarship experiences – the following are some highlights:

1)   We should use needs-based segmentation to effectively design and target our programs.

2)  We should increase data sharing and collaboration – particularly with smart meter data.

3)  We should use hypotheses when conducting demand response trials.

4)  We should focus on changing internal culture surrounding demand response such that people treat it as equally dependable as the direct load control (“the big red button”).

The ES Cornwall Memorial Industry Scholarship has played a pivotal role in developing my technical ability and broadening my understanding of the industry and world. I would like to thank the scholarship committee for awarding the scholarship to me and Energex for financially supporting the opportunity. I would also like to thank GE Energy and Northern Powergrid for entrusting me with important work and supporting my cultural assimilation in the USA and UK respectively.