My first 3 months in Glasgow with ScottishPower – my 4th quarterly report

Please find linked here my fourth quarterly E. S. Cornwall Scholarship report outlining my period of  employment from the 23 July 2012 to the 23
October 2012.

This quarter I commenced work as a protection and control engineer with Iberdrola Engineering and Construction (IEC) in Glasgow.

During my time with IEC, I will be working as part of a small team to develop a new substation automation standard for ScottishPower based on IEC 61850. This standardisation work will be carried out in conjunction with an IEC 61850 pilot project.

Over the past few months, I have scoped the protection and control requirements for the pilot project and  undertaken the high level design, required by ScottishPower, as part of the initial design phase. In addition to this, I have been involved in evaluating the various bay level devices available on the market and assessing their level of compliance with Iberdrola’s IEC 61850 requirements as well as the specific requirements of the pilot project.

I have also had the opportunity, this quarter, to attend the biennial CIGRE session in Paris and visit the University of Strathclyde.

It should be noted that due to confidentiality, I am not able to include specific information relating to customer projects.

I welcome your feedback on this report and my goals for the next quarter.