My first quarter report with KEMA – my 3rd quarterly report

Administrator’s Note – Please excuse my delay in posting Don’s report,  which was received a month ago.

Please find attached here my third quarterly report for the ES Cornwall Memorial Industry Scholarship for the period 2nd April 2012 – 1st July 2012 during my employment with DNV KEMA in the Netherlands.

During the first three months of my placement with DNV KEMA, I have been working as an Electrical Engineer as part of the New Energy Technologies team in the Clean Energy Services business unit based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The New Energy Technologies team is made up of a number of professionals from various technical and business backgrounds and has a focus on projects related to energy storage, carbon capture, transition to sustainable energies, and industrial use of polymers, for governments, utilities and businesses.

The key work I have carried out during this quarter has included working on the development of a tool to optimise the use of energy storage devices in power systems for the purpose of managing network loading and voltage with respect to loads, including electric vehicle charging, and distributed generation. This work has been part of a European Commission supported consortium project with partners from Germany and Denmark.

Given the confidential nature of much of my work I have undertaken, I have had to omit certain details of some developments that are of commercial significance to DNV KEMA and their clients.

I would welcome any feedback and advice from the committee and all interested parties, regarding this report or my proposed goals for the next quarter