My 3rd Quarter Report – demand response at Northern Powergrid

Please find here my third quarterly report for the ES Cornwall Memorial Industry Scholarship.

In my 2nd quarterly report, I noted that I moved from GE (in the US) to Northern Powergrid (in the UK). In this 3rd quarter, I have continued my placement in the UK with Northern Powergrid.

I am currently working on the CLNR (Customer-Led Network Revolution) project at Northern Powergrid.   The CLNR project is the UK’s biggest smart grid project.

14,000 homes and businesses in the North East and Yorkshire will be involved in this innovative £54 million project, helping Northern Powergrid to find ways for customers to reduce both their energy costs and carbon emissions in the years to come.

Further information about the CLNR project can be found at

This quarter my responsibilities have included:
1) Completing the negotiation of contracts with demand response aggregators to provide demand reduction or increased generation from industrial and commercial customers in response to distribution network constraints at Northern Powergrid.
2) Working with Network Operators to trial the use of industrial and commercial demand response

Some details have been omitted to avoid revealing certain intellectual property of the host organisations. There may be the possibility of presenting more sensitive material to a limited audience upon my return to Australia with the explicit agreement of the host organisation – non-disclosure agreements, or similar, may need to be signed.

I would welcome your feedback and advice on the report.

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