Three months with ABB in Switzerland – my 1st quarterly report

Please find attached here a publicly distributable copy of my first quarterly E. S. Cornwall Scholarship report outlining my period of employment from the 10th October 2011 to the 10th January 2012.

During my first three months with ABB, I have been involved with the system level detailed design for two of Powerlink’s iPASS IEC 61850 upgrade projects – Millmerran and Bulli Creek.

To date, I have undertaken the IEC 61850 system level engineering and MicroSCADA application engineering for both of these substations.

This experience has provided valuable insight into the tools, processes  and philosophies that ABB employ in IEC 61850 system design.  It should be noted that due to the confidential nature of the work I have undertaken I am not able to include any technical information relating to ABB specific tools and processes.

For my next quarter I will be continuing with ABB (details discussed in my report) – before moving on to work with a utility and consultancy firm.

I welcome your feedback on this report and my goals for the next quarter.