My 2nd Quarter report – my final month working on DRMS at GE Energy and starting at Northern Powergrid

Please find attached the second quarterly report for the ES Cornwall Memorial Industry Scholarship which is a requirement set out in the scholarship rules.

This quarter consisted of two months at GE Energy finishing my first placement and one month at Northern Powergrid starting my final placement.

This quarter my responsibilities have included:

  • Developing the meter-level load forecasting algorithm for GE’s Demand Response Management System.
  • Negotiating contracts with demand response aggregators to provide demand reduction or increased generation from industrial and commercial customers in response to distribution networks constraints at Northern Powergrid.

Some details have been omitted to avoid revealing certain intellectual property of the host organisations.

I would welcome feedback and advice on the report, particularly concerning my proposed goals for the next quarter.

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  1. Brian Becconsall | January 31, 2012 at 6:54 pm |

    Good report- well written- a few suggestions for the future
    1- Enhance these reports with a few specific examples which engineers like to get their teeth into
    2- Cover all your professional contacts outside your immediate job–eg professional learned Societies, Manufacturers, Universities, lectures,conferences, vists, meetings etc- Take the opportunity to meet as widely as possible while there.
    3- Put your name in the heading of the reprt, as when I got the message that a 2nd report was available, it didn’t tell me anywhere who wrote it. Suggest you head them–

    2011 E S Cornwall Memorial Scholar Report-Jared McKee –
    2nd Quarter- xxxx-yyyy

    Cheers Brian Becconsall (scholar 1965)

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