Initial experiences with renewable generation in Ontario

Following 12 months in the UK with National Grid, I flew to Canada for the 2nd placement as part of my scholarship.

For the period 8th March to 8th June 2010 I was employed with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in Toronto, Canada.

As this is my first report during my placement with the OPA, I have provided some background on the electricity system in Ontario as well as an overview of the OPA; its roles and responsibilities as well as its increased involvement with renewable generation integration due to recent changes introduced by the Ontario government which have impacted the procurement and planning of renewable generation.

I also provide some discussion on my initial experiences in learning about, and addressing, factors hindering the connection of large and small scale renewable projects due to current transmission and/or distribution capability limitations.

My 5th Quarterly Report (PDF) is here.

I welcome any constructive feedback from all interested parties in relation to this report.