3rd quarterly report – initial experience with National Grid

During the third quarter of 2009, I have been working for National Grid in the United Kingdom.

My main responsibility to date has been assisting with the compilation of a report describing how the UK’s onshore and offshore transmission networks can be developed together in a coordinated and economical fashion. As this project is still ongoing with the report due to be published in late December 2009, I will refrain from discussing it or its findings until my next scholarship report.

This has afforded me valuable insights into the impact of significant volumes of intermittent renewable generation on the analysis and design of power networks, which I discuss in my report.

As previously indicated, my overwhelming impression since commencing the scholarship is that the obstacles to the increased use of renewable generation are multi-faceted, and the technical difficulties listed above must be considered alongside the political, regulatory, and commercial obstacles. I have therefore sought to investigate and report on all of the transmission related obstacles to increased use of renewable generation.

See more in my 3rd Quarterly Report (PDF) here.

I welcome any feedback or questions from the committee or other interested parties on anything I have discussed in my report and my aspirations for the next quarter.